The iPhone reality in Europe: Low overall penetration, enormous impact

The market research firm comScore has attempted to bring some sanity to the continued hype surrounding the impact that the first three generations of Apple's iPhone have had on the European mobile market. Interestingly, the firm claims that the iPhone currently represents just 4 per cent of the mobile market in the UK, France, Germany, Spain, Italy, but 18 per cent of the overall smartphone market in these countries.

What comScore does accept is that the iPhone has greatly assisted fundamental change in mobile user behaviour and ignited fierce competition among device and operating system providers. The company also found that iPhone owners were the most insatiable consumers of mobile media with 94 per cent using mobile media, 87 per cent using apps and 85 per cent browsing the mobile internet. While the iPhone has only a 4 per cent share of the European market, its users represent 12 per cent of all mobile media users. Article