iPhone users opt for Wi-Fi over mobile

Computerworld (US) reports that more than 40% of all US traffic last month between Apple's iPhone and AdMob, the largest mobile ad network. used Wi-Fi connections, not AT&T's cellular network.

iPhone users' shift to wireless is part of a growing trend, according to the report: 'In the US, 8% of total requests in November were on Wi-Fi networks, up from 3% in August. [The] 42% of iPhone requests made on Wi-Fi networks [is] notably higher than most other Wi-Fi capable phones, which average between 10 to 20%.'

The iPhone accounted for 51% of all wireless requests to AdMob's advertisers, while Apple's iPod Touch was responsible for 28% of them.

The Computerworld article points out that the iPhone's reliance on wireless supports the view of a number of analysts, that Apple's de facto 'netbook' is selling well because of the recession.