iPhones and 3G dongles drives T-Mobile network upgrade

To support the increase in mobile data traffic driven by the success of the iPhone and 3G dongles, T-Mobile is deploying acceleration technology from F5 and Bytemobile to boost the capacity of its cellular network. The company, which has around 95 million subscribers across its European operating companies, said the technology upgrade would increase network scalability and performance. 

Adrian Hall, CMO of Bytemobile, said, "The Apple iPhone, USB dongles, mobile video and other factors have caused data traffic on tier-one networks to grow at rates of 10 per cent to 15 per cent per month. In some cases, 1 per cent to 2 cent of users are consuming up to 50 per cent of a network's traffic."

Separately, Telefónica Spain said it had undertaken a 3G network expansion programme - using equipment from Nokia Siemens networks, to improve its coverage by more than 25 per cent in dense urban areas. The upgrade has also been used to improve energy efficiency across the Spanish company's cellular network.

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