iPod touch generating more traffic than cellphones

The iPod touch generates more data traffic than every mobile phone except the iPhone, according to mobile ad network AdMob.

Users of the iPod touch generated 6.7% of the mobile traffic on AdMob's hosting network in February, with the next most popular mobile phone - Motorola's Razr, generating just 2.9%, CIO said. The iPhone generated 11.2% of traffic.

Smartphones were responsible for 33% of all AdMob's mobile internet traffic, generating more traffic than regular phones.

The iPhone accounted for 33% of smartphone traffic, and 49.5% in the US. But Symbian was first place in terms of operating systems - with 43% of global hits to AdMob's network originating from a Symbian phone.

Nokia's N70 took second place among smartphones, with 7.1% of requests. RIM and Nokia produce eight of the top 10 smartphones. Windows Mobile phones did not make it into the top 10. 

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