Ireland has highest phone rates, says survey

The Irish are being charged more for texting and talking on their phones than virtually any other people in the world, a new survey, quoted by a Daily Mail report, said.

The Daily Mail report, quoting a new survey by British regulator Ofcom, said phone companies pocketed 776 Ireland pounds ($1,296) from each Irish person last year.

The report found that only Japan had higher phone rates than Ireland.

Irish consumers spent more money than average on both fixed lines and mobiles while data transfers on mobiles also left a big dent in wallets, the report said.

The Daily Mail report also quoted Dermot Jewell, CEO of the Consumers' Association of Ireland, as saying that the survey proved Irish users are getting "a raw deal."

"In every other facet of business, you get some credit or reduction for buying in bulk, but not so with Irish phone providers," he said.

For fixed-line services, Irish customers forked out an average of 306 Ireland pounds ($511) each last year and ranked second only to Japan, with $618 per person.

Phone companies however dismissed suggestions that Irish consumers were being ripped off, the report further said.