Irish O2 customers paying higher for mobile services

Irish customers of O2 are paying more for their mobile phone services than consumers in other markets serviced by the group, a report from the Irish Times said.

The report said O2 Ireland, which was owned by Spanish operator Telefonica, recently released figures for the second quarter showing that Irish bill-paying customers spent on average 88 euros a month between April and June.

This compared with average monthly payments of 63 euros in the UK and 40.67 euros in Germany, the Irish Times reported.

For prepaid customers, those who topped up their mobile phone credits as they go, the difference was equally striking, with Irish users spending on average 30 euros a month on their phone, compared with an average of 17.09 euros a month in the UK and only 9.75 in Germany, the report said.

Vodafone earlier this week released figures showing that its Irish customers also paid more for their services than in other European countries, the report said.