ISP fixes problem quickly

Something remarkable has just happened with my new internet service provider. It solved a problem.
In fact, Primus Broadband didn’t just solve the problem, it did it really quickly and with minimum fuss. Within an hour of my call I had the answer as to why my broadband was dropping in and out like a yo-yo and why my data speeds weren’t quite up to par.
It’s such a contrast to my old ISP TalkTalk, where calls to customer services typically turned into hour-long exercises in frustration. For example, the customer care division couldn’t handle billing enquiries. Transferring the call meant more time on hold, and the need to start explaining a problem from scratch.
The firm has encountered well-publicized problems integrating the back-office systems of Tiscali since acquiring its rival in 2009. Chief Dido Harding recently claimed that those problems are now behind it and that customer satisfaction is on the up, despite the firm losing 43,000 subscribers in the third quarter.
Perhaps more damning is that TalkTalk continues to send me letters that open with the words “as a valued customer.” That doesn’t point to a company that has overcome its problems and updated its systems. It also costs the firm money – roughly £1.90 (€2.26) according to the charges levied for me to receive paper bills while with the firm.
I guess I should just be happy the firm isn’t still sending me bills, something regulator Ofcom fined TalkTalk for doing in August.
But I’m happier to finally be with a service provider that seems to value its customers, and do all it can to fix problems quickly. And all for less than I was charged before.