Italtel supports Cable & Wireless' voice evolution

The Italtel Group will supply Cable & Wireless Europe, Asia & US (EAUS), with a new softswitch to support its voice network evolution.

Italtel is to help Cable & Wireless Europe, Asia & US (EAUS) expand its VoIP infrastructure through Voice Transit Evolution (VTE), a Next Generation Network (NGN) solution. Italtel is a strategic Cable & Wireless partner, having previously provided softswitch for its broadband access platform.

VTE will use an Italtel open softswitch platform and third party media gateways to transform Cable & Wireless' legacy voice network with a new all-IP-telephony core. Italtel claims VTE provides seamless integration with all Cable & Wireless' voice platforms.

VTE will allow Cable & Wireless to migrate its legacy TDM access switches over to all-IP switches incrementally, on an as-needed basis.

It will also enable customers to use Cable & Wireless' Multi Service Platform (MSP), an IP core network that supports applications including fixed mobile convergence, IP CCTV and digital signage.

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