Japan at risk from cyber attacks - study

A large number of computers at Japanese ministries and police agencies are dangerously vulnerable to cyber attacks and viral infections, a government survey, quoted in an AFP report, said.
The AFP report said the study gave "D" grades to the foreign ministry, National Police Agency and Imperial Household Agency, among other major agencies, saying that fewer than 60% of their computers were adequately protected.
None of the Japanese government agencies were given an "A" grade, the study said.
"I want all the ministers to act fast to take necessary measures," Chief Cabinet Secretary Shinzo Abe was quoted as saying, after receiving the report.
The report also said the Financial Services Agency, the Cabinet Office and the environment ministry received "B" grades, or "generally satisfactory," which meant 80% or more of their computers were protected, the study found.
Japan's police and defense agencies last year came under cyber attack from suspected Chinese hackers, the AFP report further said.