Japanese teen charged with phishing

Japanese police had arrested a 14-year-old boy on suspicion of fraud after he allegedly used the Internet to steal personal details in Japan's first case of phishing involving a minor, an AFP report said.
The report, quoting authorities, said the boy allegedly threatened people, mainly young girls, so they would send him naked photos of themselves after he had already obtained their identification details and other personal information, according to local media.
The AFP report further said police sent papers to prosecutors charging the boy in the central city of
after he allegedly stole the IDs of 94 people by creating a Web site disguised as a popular Internet game site.
He allegedly led them to type in personal information such as their names and email addresses, police said, according to the report.
The teenager reportedly gained his computer knowledge through the Internet.
Phishing is the name given to fraudulent Internet schemes in which perpetrators steal IDs, passwords and other personal information or send bogus bills in an attempt to swindle money.