Jarich: LTE TDD: Driving the universal nature of LTE--whether that's understood or not

Huawei and ZTE are expected to significantly benefit from LTE TDD deployments in China over the next year or so: the two vendors won the lion's share of China Mobile's LTE TDD awards. This was long expected and the scale won in supplying these networks is expected to benefit them, particularly if the other Chinese mobile operators follow suit, according to Peter Jarich, VP of Consumer and Infrastructure at Current Analysis. The idea that ZTE or Huawei are de facto LTE TDD market leaders, by benefit of being Chinese, positions the technology as fundamentally Chinese. At the same time, even singling out vendors as LTE TDD leaders positions the technology as something completely distinct from the FDD version of LTE. According to Jarich, this is neither fair nor accurate, and it's now time to explore the TDD version of LTE a little more. Read here for more.