Jolla offers first taste of Sailfish OS 2.0

Finnish mobile company Jolla announced the first users of its Sailfish operating system (OS) can now access the latest generation of the platform ahead of its official launch.

The company finalised a software update for its early access user group, a community of users who have opted in to a system that offers access to OS improvements around a week before Jolla introduces full updates. The user group is a key element in Jolla's 'open' approach to developing its mobile platform, providing feedback to iron out potential problems and guide future OS development.

Jolla said Sailfish OS 2.0 incorporates such user feedback in the form of user interface (UI) improvements, and an OS capable of running on smartphones and tablet PCs. In a blog post, the company said Sailfish OS 2.0 would be available on forthcoming shipments of its Jolla Tablet device.

Another key objective in the development of its latest OS was on improving the quality and flow of the UI, Jolla said.

The company said a "new and simple mental model of core views" delivers several UI improvements, enabling users to access the app grid from anywhere in the UI by swiping the bottom edge of their device. The approach means users don't have to return to the homepage to open a new app.

Jolla said Sailfish OS 2.0 also offers a "richer and smarter" events tool, with a weather widget that features the option to open a five day forecast, a calendar widget and grouped notifications. The company added that users "can now see and do more with notifications directly in Events, whether they are from native apps or Android apps."

Other enhancements include redesigned app covers for galleries, note-taking functionality, and new camera apps. Jolla said it has also added "many new animations" and improved existing apps including the Jolla Store, calendar and camera.

The company said the Sailfish OS 2.0 also offers more personalisation options than previous versions, including customising what happens when a user swipes the top of the screen.

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