Juniper Research: Ad-based music streaming to be a billion dollar market by 2017

Revenue generated through ad-based music streaming is set to exceed $1 billion (€902 million) in 2017, up from $782 million in 2015, despite declining numbers of players offering 'freemium' services, Juniper Research predicted. Many key players are opting to exclude full-featured freemium services, with offerings restricted to, at most, basic radio style features, as exemplified by Apple Music and Amazon Prime Music. Nonetheless, ad-based revenues are still expected to see strong growth as consumers continue to migrate to streaming services. While freemium services will continue to entice a growing number of users, the model will enjoy a greater influence in funnelling consumers towards the more profitable subscription options. Unsurprisingly the entrance of Apple Music is expected to act as a major catalyst in driving the expansion of subscription-based streaming services, with significant growth expected across all major markets. Release