Juniper Research: In-flight mobile roaming revenues to reach $3B by 2020

A new report from Juniper Research has valued operator in-flight roaming revenues at nearly $3 billion (€2.7 billion) by 2020, doubling the value estimated for this year. This figure includes mobile voice, data and SMS. However, in terms of total operator billed mobile roaming revenues, in-flight roaming will only represent around 5 per cent of revenues globally by 2020. These revenues will largely be driven by increasing data usage while on-board an aircraft. In-flight roaming charges also continue to be significantly higher than terrestrial fees. For example, Vodafone NZ charges $2.30 per minute for making a voice call and $13 per MB for data usage on selected airlines. Meanwhile, Vodafone UK charges $5 per MB for up to 5 MB, then $27 for every 5 MB after that; for voice it charges approximately $3 for making a call. Report