Juniper Research: Greenhouse gas emissions from mobile devices to more than double by 2019

Charging mobile devices will generate more than 13 megatonnes of greenhouse gases per annum globally by 2019, against an anticipated 6.4 megatonnes this year, according to a new report from Juniper Research. Nearly 50 per cent of these 2019 emissions--equivalent to annual emissions from 1.1 million cars--will come from coal-fired Asian electricity grids powering growing smartphone use. The report notes that there is low consumer awareness of renewable energy and sustainable habits in these markets. It is down to vendors to take the lead in making energy companies provide more green electricity for both industry and consumers. In the meantime, supply chain emissions still remain a huge problem for the industry. If suppliers can be incentivised to change now, the industry could save a potential 57.8 megatonnes in GHG emissions by 2019. Report