Kaspersky Lab: Android ransomware attacks grow fourfold in year to end-March

Kaspersky Lab reported that the number of ransomware attacks on Android devices rose fourfold in the year to end-March 2016, with some 136,532 users hit by attacks globally during the period compared to 35,413 users in the year to end-March 2015. The highest proportion of Android ransomware attacks occurred in Germany, Canada, the UK, and U.S. and the majority were screen blockers, the security company stated. Kaspersky Lab's analysis also found that the share of users attacked with ransomware as a proportion of overall Android malware increased from 2.04 per cent in the year to end-March 2015 to 4.63 per cent in the recent 12 month period. The company added that four types of malware -- Small, Fusob, Pletor, and Sypeng -- were used in 90 per cent of the ransomware attacks in the year to end-March 2016. Release

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