Kodak sues LG, Samsung over camera phone design

Kodak is taking both LG and Samsung to court, alleging both companies infringed on Kodak patents in the design of phone cameras.

Kodak has accused booth companies of infringing on the Kodak's design for the capture, data compression and storage of pictures. Kodak is ask for unspecified damages and injunctions on the import and sale of the allegedly infringing devices.

Both LG and Samsung have responded that they would actively fight the litigation.

"Our digital-camera technology is different from the one used by Kodak. We haven't infringed upon Kodak's related patents,' LG Electronics spokesman Choi Jun-hyuk told Dow Jones Newswires.

Choi told Dow Jones the company had not yet thought about filing a counter-suit, but did not rule the prospect out.

Samsung is facing a legal battle from another avenue - California-based Spansion has filed two suits against the company, alleging that Samsung's flash memory chips violate a number of its patents.