Laptops and smartphones the most common mobile products for CEOs in Europe

Laptops and smartphones are the mobile computing products most commonly used by European CEOs. However, web-based collaboration tools, valuable particularly for business travel, are gradually gaining importance. Mobile-based applications, both location-based and multimedia contents, are relatively new concepts offering significant potential for service providers.

Analysis from Frost & Sullivan finds that the European CEOs expect the mobile communication as well as the computing products and services they use to be utilitarian rather than full of frills.

"Of the various mobile communication and computing products and services, all European CEOs surveyed in this research use or own laptops/notebooks," says Frost & Sullivan Research Manager Krishnendu Roy. "They perceive reliability as the core function of their laptop/notebook with all other features being secondary."

Smartphone ownership increased dramatically from 2008 to 2009, with the number of European CEOs now owning a smart phone doubling. This significant increase has directly affected standard feature phone ownership rates. Nearly all European CEOs perceive smartphones to be strictly business phones, while standard feature phones are seen as personal use phones. In either case, battery life and ease of use are perceived as the most important features. Article

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