Last Mile Broadband signs WiMAX deal with Airspan

Airspan Networks has signed an agreement with Last Mile Broadband of Athlone, Ireland for deliveries of Airspan's WipLL and 802.16a-based AS4030 products.

In a statement, the firm said more than 50 WipLL base stations today gave Last Mile Broadband the capacity to connect up to 6,000 subscribers in the Irish Midlands area with high-speed broadband Internet services in the 3.7GHz frequency band.

Airspan said Last Mile Broadband had placed new orders for additional WipLL base station and CPE equipment, and had also agreed to purchase 35 AS.MAX base stations and more than 1,000 ProST CPE devices that would operate in the 3.6-3.8GHz FDD and 5.8GHz frequency bands.

Last Mile Broadband will use this equipment to launch new higher speed data and VoIP services.

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