Leveraging standards for next generation wholesale access

The continuing trend of increasing broadband adoption and utilisation is driving the deployment of technologies with greater capabilities. This has been widely referred to as next generation broadband access.

This white paper discusses the drivers for the deployment of these technologies and the open access principles often adopted to support the widespread of utility of these next generation access networks.

The open access principles with respect to the network infrastructure are translated into the support of wholesale services to enable downstream retail service providers to leverage and share the next generation access investments.
There are Standards Development Organisations which have produced specifications applicable to both wholesale network operators and retail service providers.

The paper discusses the Broadband Forum and Metro Ethernet Forum specifications and the manner in which they are applicable to these open access next generation networks.

It provides a blueprint for wholesale and retail service providers, as well as for regulators and other industry bodies, to determine the relevant standards work that is available for next generation broadband access networks operating in an open access environment.

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