life:) deploys active mediation, real-time charging

Orga Systems has implemented its real-time charging, active mediation and policy control solution NGCP (Next-Generation Control Point) at Ukraine firm life:)
The installation took less than four weeks, enabling life:) to use the solution since the beginning of November to charge all their subscribers via this unified platform.
The NGCP serves all value-added service platforms of life:), providing 249 commercial products in the highly competitive Ukrainian market.
Integrating real-time charging flow between the network and billing system, the NGCP performs subscriber-specific policy and charging decisions.
In a separate announcement, a European operator has ordered Orga System’s high performance voucher management solution OVSC (Voucher Service Center).
With this solution, the operator can rely on a voucher management system that creates, manages and transfers voucher information for prepaid services in mobile telecommunication.
The various interfaces allow an easy integration with prepaid billing systems and voucher printing and distribution systems.
The enhanced promotion and marketing capabilities enable telecom operators to boost voucher sales and to run dedicated marketing campaigns for selected customer segments.