Linksys launches 'IPhone'

Linksys, a division of Cisco that makes networking equipment for the home and small businesses, unveiled the new line of Internet-enabled phones this week, an Associated Press report said,

The phones use the increasingly popular VoIP, and also allow users to switch over for traditional landline calling, the report said.

They also can search the Web and allow users to see when friends are online and ready to accept calls. Several other companies have similar offerings.

But the name has caused a stir.

The report said Cisco has owned the trademark on the name 'iPhone' since 2000, when it acquired the company that originally registered the name, InfoGear Technology.

Industry watchers have speculated that Apple was close to releasing some kind of iPod and cellular telephone combination, possibly for unveiling at Macworld in January. Until the Linksys announcement, the name 'iPhone' was a logical guess, the Associated Press report said.

Much of the speculation about Apple's activity centers on an application the Cupertino-based company filed with the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office for a 'portable computing device capable of wireless communications.'
The company has not discussed its plans, and declined to comment on 'rumors and speculation.'