LTE could help European operators boost revenues by 10% or more

Mobile operators in Europe could increase consumer revenues by as much as 10 per cent, and enterprise revenues by nearly 30 per cent as the adoption of LTE increases. This forecast comes from a study conducted by Alcatel Lucent which states that these higher revenues will be driven by the substitution of higher-priced 4G services for slower and less-expensive 3G services.

The company said that its research indicated that improved speed and improved interactivity were the top two attributes ranked for enhancing quality of experience across all enterprise segments. However, speed ranked highest for the small-sized enterprises, while improved interactivity was most important for medium- and large-sized enterprises.

The study, which involved 4,500 consumers and 950 enterprise respondents based in France, Germany and the UK, suggested that more than half of small-sized businesses, and more than three-quarters of medium-sized and large-sized enterprises are interested in signing-up for next generation wireless network access for their employees. 

The findings also indicate that LTE services could impact customer loyalty. More than half of small-sized businesses, over 70 per cent of medium-sized companies and over 80 per cent of large-sized enterprises report they would change service providers in order to get LTE. Article