LTE device models more than double

The number of different LTE device models on the market or coming soon has climbed past 1,200 - including 87 that support 150 MHz Cat 4 LTE-Advanced, according to the GSA.
The industry body's latest report into the LTE device ecosystem shows that 120 different manufacturers have to date announced 1,240 LTE-enabled user devices.
In the last year alone, 680 new LTE devices have been announced, with the number of manufacturers increasing by 44%. Smartphones are the largest LTE device category, representing a 36% share of all TLE device types.
Other LTE device categories include CPE equipment, personal hotspots, modules, tablets and dongles.
While a large majority of products operate in FDD mode, the number of announced TD-LTE device models has reached 274, up by 159 from a year ago.
A total of 87 devices support Cat 4 LTE-Advanced, while two devices have been announced that will support 300 Mbps Cat 6. The first commercial Cat 6 devices are expected to launch around mid-2014.
Last month the GSA published a related report showing that 222 LTE networks have been launched in 83 countries, with this figure expected to hit 260 by the end of the year.