LTE devices generate a third of 3G data traffic

Just over a third of mobile data traffic is generated by LTE-capable handsets from Apple and Samsung, network optimization software firm Actix claims.
The firm states 35% of current data traffic is generated by 4G-capable devices, and that four of the current top ten devices on mature European 3G networks are endowed with LTE. Consumers are also ready to make the change, with Actix claiming 33% of all subscribers are eager to switch up.
However, Neil Coleman, director of global marketing at the firm, warns that operators must ensure the user experience of 4G services is high from the off. “Subscribers are ready and waiting on the operator to deliver on day one and will be very unforgiving of any service issues.”
The way to ensure good quality of service is to ensure the radio access network (RAN) provides enough coverage in the right areas by identifying where 4G handsets are already being used on 3G networks, the firm states.