LTE fuels 50% surge in data usage

The proliferation of LTE networks and devices is stimulating a surge in data usage of up to 50% in some markets, as adoption increases, n
New research from Mobidata and Informa Telecoms and Media shows that smartphone owners are starting to use LTE networks for some high-volume applications, which they had previously restricted to Wi-Fi. Despite popular assumptions, iPhone users consume more data than Android owners in most developed countries - but Android users consume more cellular data.
Both Android and iPhone users still rely on Wi-Fi as their primary network connection. In some countries, Wi-Fi consumption is up to ten times higher than cellular data usage.
Informa principal analyst Thomas Wehmeier said the data shows that Wi-Fi has been established as the primary means of data connectivity for a large number of smartphone users.
“The key for operators to monetize additional cellular usage will be to invest in and enhance the capabilities of existing mobile networks, to identify and prioritize applications that are reliant on the inherent benefits of cellular networks,” he said.
“Most importantly [operators must] develop pricing strategies that allow operators to realign the price of access with the undoubted value perceived by the vast majority of customers.”