LTE: Vodafone Germany unveils tariffs and deployment plans

Vodafone Germany used IFA Berlin, the giant consumer electronics show, to unveil details of its LTE deployment plans. The company said that the first base stations would go live later this month, with over 1,000 towns and cities having LTE coverage by the end of 2010.

The company said that this ambitious roll-out would be expanded to cover 1,500 municipalities by May 2011, and by the end of the year all towns in Germany would have access to LTE services.

This move by Vodafone Germany contrasts with T-Mobile's plans to activate around 500 LTE sites this year albeit that it already has a commercial LTE network running in Kyritz.

Of interest, Vodafone made public its LTE Zuhause (LTE At Home) consumer pricing model. Subscribers to the service will have downstream broadband access of 7.2Mbps and a 10Gb data limit for a monthly fee of €39.99. By adding €10 more per month, customers can get downstream rates of 21.6Mbps and 15Gb of data per month, while 50Mbps and 30Gb of data costs €69.99 per month.

When these LTE data download limits are exceeded, subscribers will be moved onto a 3G speed of 384Kbps until a new month begins.

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