Machine-to-machine services

The opportunity for mobile operators in the emerging M2M services market is enormous, no matter how one measures it. Granted, some challenges confront operators that want to seize that opportunity, namely, scalability, 2G/3G/LTE interoperability, quality of service, and security.

The current lack of M2M standards is another bump in the road, but many organizations are actively working to resolve that issue. With M2M standardization underway, leading operators that want to capitalize on the huge M2M opportunity already are looking to vendors for help in tackling the other sets of challenges. They recognize the solutions they need to succeed in this emerging marketplace will not come from vendors that design their platforms around mobile consumers and mobile voice communications.

Rather, the solutions that will help them capture market share, boost ARPU and enhance long-term profitability will come from vendors that truly understand M2M services and its unique networking requirements.

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