Malicious programs have a leap year

Network security firm Kaspersky Lab claims the number of new malicious programs it handles has grown from 70,000 to 200,000 per day in the space of a year.
The firm notes the rate of acceleration in the number of programs is putting IT departments under pressure to deliver on key business needs including operational efficiency, rising numbers of mobile devices on company networks, and round-the-clock access to corporate systems.
“The trend towards consumer device use, mobile and remote working, and an increasing array of operating systems and platforms is resulting in a heterogeneous IT landscape riddled with vulnerabilities and resource-intensive to maintain” says Mathew Robinson, director of corporate sales at Kaspersky Lab.
Robinson spoke as the firm unveiled the latest edition of its business security platform, which enables IT staff to “see, control and protect all systems and endpoints in the network,” including PCs and a “missing smartphone somewhere on a train.”