MeeGo prototypes spotted in Russia

Intel reportedly revealed two MeeGo devices, a tablet and a smartphone, at an event in Russia last week.
To date there's only been one device released which runs MeeGo, the WeTab. Though the big launch of the platform is due early next year, little has been seen or heard about devices running the OS.
The revelation may come as quite a surprise and, while its good to see some signs of Nokia and Intel's plans for devices running MeeGo, what was on show appeared less than exciting.
The tablet looks fairly large, larger than an iPad, and at the moment doesn't appear to have a name. It does offer a good look at the MeeGo platform though, which looks functional but not stunning.
The other device is the Hi/Lo Vibrant, which features a 5mp front facing camera and an unremarkable webbed casing. But it could redeem itself with an Intel Atom processor, speed unknown.
There is a rumor that the tablet could be a prototype of the Nokia Z500 - which has been mentioned in leaks.
Also on show at the event were netbooks and desktops running the OS. According to the reports from [email protected], MeeGo isn't much of a match for Windows, though may have what it takes to compete with Android.
MeeGo is due to be released next year and will be Nokia's primary platform for consumer devices. While the company will still develop Symbian, it will be used for devices aimed at business users.
The only other device MeeGo has been spotted on so far is Nokia's N9 handset, rumored to be the launch device of the new platform.
More is known about the platform itself, which will require at least 512MB of RAM and a 600MHz processor. MeeGo 1.2 is expected to be released in April 2011, with 1.3 arriving in October.
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First MeeGo devices spotted at Russian event