Meet the 2014 Most Influential Women in Wireless

Fierce editors have been tracking the top female stars in the wireless industry since 2008, and we have just completed the FierceWireless "Most Influential Women in Wireless" list for 2014. It's important to note that as we compiled our 2014 list, we were struck by how many more women are among the top-ranked executives at wireless companies. It's certainly a positive trend and heartening to see these types of changes occurring in an industry that has traditionally been such a male-dominated field.  But it has also made our job of narrowing down the list of "influential women" in wireless to just the top 10 even more challenging.

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Most Influential Women in Wireless, 2014

FierceWireless is also keeping an eye on up-and-coming women in the industry--those we call the "Women to Watch." These are the women who may not be as widely known, but are powerful players behind the scenes. They are the ones overseeing important business units, heading up smaller, lesser-known, companies, or perhaps just new to their role so their influence hasn't yet been tested.

We believe that we have compiled a list that includes some of the best and brightest and most successful female executives in the business. This list, however, is a compilation of women who are particularly powerful in the U.S. wireless industry. We realise that wireless is a global business and many of our candidates work for international companies. However, our list is based upon their influence in the United States. You can read the report here.