Membership of British right wing party appears on web

The entire membership list of the right wing British National Party (BNP) has been posted on the internet, The Guardian writes.

The BNP styles itself as "patriotic", calling for an immediate halt to immigration and the repatriation of all foreigners living in the UK.

Around 13,500 names and home addresses were posted on a website late on Monday evening, apparently by a disgruntled member of the party's own leadership.

As well as names and addresses the list includes the home and mobile phone numbers and personal email addresses of BNP members, their children and their ages, the article says.

Many of the members' occupations are listed, revealing a small number of police officers, two solicitors, four ministers of religion, at least one doctor and a number of primary and secondary school teachers. There are also a number of family memberships and a good number who have joined in their own right as soon as they are legally eligible to do so at 16.

Although membership is not illegal, it could cost members their jobs, particularly in those employed in the public sector, where such beliefs are likely to be viewed as incompatible with their roles and being paid from the public purse.

BNP's spokesman, Simon Darby, described the posting as 'malevolent and spiteful'. The police are investigating.