MI6 chief outed on Facebook

Personal information about the new head of British security service MI6 has been posted to Facebook by his wife, prompting calls for an inquiry over security concerns.

Lady Shelley Sawers, wife of new appointee Sir John Sawers, posted information disclosing the locations of their flat in London, their children and their holiday destinations, the UK Daily Telegraph said. She also posted pictures of recent family holidays, including a beach trip.

Sawers did not place privacy protection on the entries, leaving them visible to any of the 200 million users on the site. The material has since been removed.

Opposition politicians and security experts said they found the leaks “distressing and worrying,” according to ABC News.

Liberal Democrat foreign affairs spokesperson Edward Davey has called on the UK government to launch an inquiry into whether the posts had compromised Sawer's ability to lead MI6.

But British foreign secretary David Miliband told the BBC that security had not been compromised by the posts. “You know he wears a Speedo swimsuit. That's not a state secret,” he said.