Microsoft gets touchy feely with phone software

Microsoft is adding multi-touch capabilities to its latest mobile phone operating system, but has omitted any games capabilities, reports.

The website says details of Windows Phone v6.5.3 came straight from the horse’s mouth, and are part of Microsoft’s plans to evolve its Windows Phone 6.5 OS.
Other upgrades to the platform include a horizontal scroll bar, drag and drop capability, faster web-page loading, improved memory management, and smoother operation of pan and flick navigation functions.
Runtime tools will include .NET CF 3.5, and SQL CE 3.1, and the OS will also be compatible with Arabic.
However, the updated OS does not offer space for mobile games, despite the obvious ties to Microsoft’s successful Xbox games console. A former Microsoft employee claims that’s because the firm’s management has no will to create a strong gaming smartphone that could compete with the iPhone, and forthcoming Android devices.