Microsoft signs another Android deal

Microsoft has signed its fourth patent licensing agreement with a manufacturer of Android-based devices in the last fortnight, through a deal with Taiwan-headquartered ODM Wistron Corp.
The software giant has agreed terms covering Wistron’s range of Android tablets, mobile phones and e-readers, as part of a program executives say is designed to help vendors tackle intellectual property shortfalls on Google’s mobile operating system.
Microsoft agreed similar deals with General Dynamics Itronix, Velocity Micro and Onkyo Corporation in late June. In each case, the software firm will receive a royalty payment on future device shipments.
The firm is taking action over patents covering Android functions including tabbed screens, Web surfing, and document interaction.
In March Microsoft filed lawsuits in a US district court and with the International Trade Commission against Barnes & Noble, Foxconn and Inventec over e-reader and tablet PCs marketed under the Barnes & Noble brand.
The Wistron deal takes the number of Microsoft Android patent deals to five, after HTC agreed a licensing deal last year.


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