Microsoft to double mobile sales in China

Microsoft says it will double its shipments of handsets to China in the next year after the country launches 3G wireless services, an report said. About 2 million mobile devices that run Microsoft operating systems were shipped to China in the last year, about 10% of the software giant's global total, according to Benjamin Tan, business group director for China at Microsoft's mobile communications business.

He said, 'Microsoft's shipments into China has basically doubled [in the past year]. In the next one "&brkbar; we are aiming to more than double our shipments into China'. Microsoft works with device manufacturers including Samsung Electronics, Motorola, and High Tech Computer.

The size of China's mobile phone market is expected to reach 323.22 million units in 2011, according to Beijing-based research firm Analysys International, compared to 149.13 million units in 2007.

The adoption of newer mobile technologies in China is likely to proceed at a faster rate than in other countries, Tan claimed.