MLL joins UK's Mobile WiMAX Acceleration Group

MLL Telecom has joined the Mobile WiMAX Acceleration Group (M-WAG), which is aimed at bringing together companies from across the telecoms and media industries with the aim of providing the components for the delivery of a commercially viable mobile WiMAX service.

A trial network in Maidstone, Kent is M-WAG's first in the UK and is being used to demonstrate a number of different consumer and business applications.

MLL specialises in building and operating broadband wireless networks and is an active participant in the Maidstone pilot network, which runs over 2.5GHz and covers 7.5 square kilometres in the centre of the town.

There is a range of trials running over the M-WAG network including Broadcast Trial; CCTV Trial; Public Safety Trial; Broadband on the Move / Mobile VoIP (WiMAX will be available in a number of cars in Maidstone); and Wi-fi to WiMAX handover.