Mobile ad network to relaunch

The mobile content firm, Buongiorno, has revamped its marketing strategy to enable advertisers to reach into multiple markets.

The Italian-based firm, which reported revenues of €132.2 million for the first half of 2009 via partnerships with more than 100 mobile operators worldwide, said it would build on its relationship with advertisers, including Adidas, Nokia and O2, by now selling inventory from publishers including Dennis Publishing, SFR and Vodafone.

“We're bringing together all the publishers, inventory and clients we have. When we talk to media agencies, the only option they have to buy in multiple markets from one place is via AdMob. We feel this gives an alternative,” said Adhish Kulkarni, MD of marketing services for Buongiorno.

Campaigns will be managed via a central ad server with local ad teams in each market selling and managing clients, while the centralized buying point will be in London.

Meanwhile, rival mobile ad firm Admob has released data that illustrates how iPhone and iPod Touch users discovered the 1.5 billion apps they downloaded before July 14.

The company claims that, according to a survey of nearly 200 users, browsing and searching were the key sources of information, but the surprise was that 20% of respondents said they learned about new apps from ads in other apps.