Mobile ads really clicking, claims Blyk

While the launch of ad-funded MVNO Blyk was greeted with scorn by many within the telecoms industry, the company is claiming record click-through statistics after only two months of operation.

Given that Blyk has specifically targeted university students with its offer of free calls in return for receiving mobile advertising, then a high click rate is to be expected. However, the company is claiming up to 43 percent of its customers are clicking on ads, as against Vodafone's mobile Internet reporting a click-through rate of 3.5 percent, and PC Internet being just 0.5 per cent.

According to Blyk's UK sales director, Jonathan McDonald, it's simple logic: "We have a database of 100 percent opted-in people who have signed up knowing they will receive up to six advertisements a day. The advertisements are specifically targeted to their preferences, which they have stated in advance."

McDonald maintains that industry comments suggesting that rates would fall as the novelty for users wears off is overstated. "People who have written that have missed the major point; that every day our service is becoming more profiled to the user, so as it becomes more relevant to them, click through rates will go up."

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