Mobile advertising grows

The third quarter myGamma Global Mobile Advertising Index makes interesting reading. It indicates that the growing use of the mobile internet is stimulating advertisers' interest in the medium.

BuzzCity, which created the myGamma mobile social network, reported the following figures from the Index:

myGamma Global Mobile Advertising Index

The following statistics shows paid ad banner figures for the third quarter of 2008, alongside a comparison with those of Q2 2008:

1. Indonesia: 1.8 billion (up 47%)

2.  India: 660 million (down 1%)

3.  South Africa: 540 million (down 7%)

4.  Kenya: 299 million (up 91%)

5.  USA: 261 million (up 37%)

6.  Bangladesh: 134 million (up 71%)

7.  Tanzania: 114 million (up 30%)

8.  Libya: 103 million (up 1640%)

9.  Romania: 103 million (up 43%)

10.  Egypt: 98 million (up 76%)

Interesting that the only non-emerging market in the top ten is the US.

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