Mobile managed services expected to generate US$29bn by 2014

Mobile operator spending on managed services and outsourcing will reach US$29 billion by 2014, driven by convergence of fixed and mobile networks, the world economic slowdown and increasingly competitive developed markets, reports Informa Telecoms. Mobile operators are forced to concentrate on their core skill sets, assets and expertise in order to survive and are following the wider global trend toward outsourcing.

Paul Merry, senior analyst at Informa Telecoms comments, "The ongoing development of mobile services combined with the development of convergent telecommunications will see an increase in opportunities for managed service providers. Specifically there will be immense prospects in delivering multiplatform mobile services and advising on developments in the telecommunications space."

Merry asserts that service provisioning support and consultancy are likely to be key areas of development moving forward, as new entrants are actively targeting the telecommunications space particularly within the MVNO environment. These factors will see service provisioning support growing by 127 per cent by 2014 according to Informa's latest managed services forecasts. Merry cautions however that "the global economic situation is not the only driver for mobile managed services and one would be unwise to underestimate the other solid reasons for opting to outsource." Article