Mobile number portability a failure in most countries -- study

A study has concluded that mobile number portability (MNP) has failed to take off in most parts of the world despite its important role as an "enabler of open competition."

UK-based research firm Analysis said that although regulators have already introduced MNP in many markets in an effort to enhance competition and improve customer satisfaction, few countries have implemented MNP well, and there are still many countries that have not yet introduced it.

'While it is a fundamental enabler of open competition, MNP has essentially failed so far in many markets, having achieved very limited take-up, due to critical weaknesses in implementation. These need to be addressed urgently," said Dr. Mark Heath, a research associate at Analysys.

The report indicated that the full benefits of MNP come only when it is implemented effectively and taken up by a substantial proportion of churning customers. The research used a variety of case studies to illustrate best practices and defined actions that regulators must take to achieve success with MNP.