Mobile ticketing set for boom

By 2014 more than 15 billion tickets will be delivered by mobile phone, according to new research from Juniper, up from two billion in the current year. The Juniper report, Mobile Ticketing, found that the transport sector was most active in pushing this technology with SMS, bar code and app driven services being increasingly offered by train operators, metropolitan transit authorities and airlines.

However, the potential for mobile ticketing is much wider than the transport sector with major cinema chains, concert and event organisers, and sports teams all buying into the concept. The driving forces behind this growing interest are cost savings and the up-sell revenue potential, as well as the convenience mobile ticketing offers customers, There are also new entrants from a variety of angles such as apps start-ups and mobile commerce providers seeking to carve market share in this new area.

By 2014 Western Europe will be the leading region for mobile ticketing based on number of mobile tickets delivered.

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