Mobile TV picture fuzzy, says Analysys

The demand outlook for mobile TV is unclear, says research firm Analysys, despite numerous surveys reporting strong consumer interest.


'In essence, the industry is stuck in the traditional 'technology driven' approach, whereas consumers simply want to watch televisual content on the move, without consideration of the underlying technology used to deliver that content', said Analysys senior consultant Jim Morrish.


He says Analysys found that instead of just receiving broadcast mobile TV, consumers are interested in different ways of watching TV or video, such as download and storage of niche content or time-shifting content.


The report predicted a proliferation of business models would emerge as a result of strong competition among content providers and other parts of the supply chain.


Morrish warned it should not be assumed that mobile TV meant real-time broadcast of multiple channels. 


'Indeed, this generally accepted model has a number of substantial drawbacks, not least of which are the fact that coverage of broadcast TV networks may not extend into underground rail systems where one of the key target groups (commuters) can often be found," he said.

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