Moldovan operator goes for high definition voice

In pursuit of its high definition (HD) voice strategy, Orange has upgraded the voice sound quality on its Moldovan network to support the WB-AMR codex. This step follows the launch of a high-definition voice service for VoIP calls in 2006.

Over 500,000 Livephone devices have already been sold in France and the range will be extended to Orange operators in other countries over the coming months. The first mobile phone with high-definition voice capability that will be launched by Orange Moldova is the Nokia 6720c.

Orange plans to quickly extend the range of HD voice-compatible mobile handsets across Europe. It will be introducing HD voice services to the UK and Belgium markets by the end of 2010 and believes that these handsets will represent the majority of the 3G handsets sold within five years. Orange will also continue its plans to roll out HD VoIP in other European markets such as Poland and Spain.

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