More than 100 commercial 3G networks in use today -- GSA

According to a new survey by Global mobile Suppliers Association (GSA), six 3G/W-CDMA networks have been launched commercial services so far this month, pushing the total number to 100 networks in 42 countries.


This compares with 60 commercial networks in 28 countries at the end of 2004, underlining W-CDMA as the leading 3G mobile communications system. It means that over two-thirds of the W-CDMA license holders worldwide have launched 3G services, demonstrating the maturity of the technology and global market leadership.


W-CDMA networks today are serving over 40 million subscribers, an increase of 140% since end 2004, and achieving an average monthly growth exceeding 2.1 million subscribers, the GSA said.


The number of W-CDMA networks which have entered commercial service in 2005 is 40, which is over 80% of all 3G networks launched.