Motivation for testing xDSL splitters and in-line filters

Technical Report TR-127 of the Broadband Forum is an xDSL system test. It checks primarily if xDSL splitters used at the Central Office (CO) and at the Customer Premise Equipment (CPE) side are capable of protecting the xDSL signals against voltages and other disturbances present on a telephone line.

To achieve this, TR-127 contains a series of tests, which model all signals of the Plain Old Telephone Service (POTS) in a realistic way, which includes all POTS disturbances and transients that may affect xDSL.

This Broadband Forum report examines a number of important aspects motivating the testing of xDSL splitters and in-line, including:

  • Successfully passing TR-127 can guarantee a virtually error free performance of a system of xDSL transceivers including the splitters (or in-line filters) in the presence of an active POTS service and other actual noises.
  • Existing static ETSI and ATIS requirements of splitters and in-line filters do not test the dynamic behavior of splitters and in-line filters in an xDSL test setup.

This white paper originally published on Broadband Forum

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