Motorola abandons Symbian, embraces Android

Motorola has announced that all its future handsets will be based on either the Windows Mobile or open source Google Android platforms, says a report from Network World (US).

Motorola's co-CEO and handset division chief Sanjay Jha was quoted saying that concentrating on two mobile operating systems would cut production costs and improve the customer experience. Previously, Motorola had offered devices based on several platforms including its own Motorola OS, Windows Mobile, Symbian and the Linux-based MOTOMAGX, he said.

The company is to cancel some of the handsets based on other operating systems that it had planned to launch in the first half of 2009.

Streamlining Motorola's handset production will save the company US$600 million (€465 million) in 2009 while reducing the total number of products the company will release in the first half of the year, Jha estimated.