Motorola brings forward staff lay-offs

In an acceleration of its cost-cutting efforts, Motorola added 400 more employees than it had anticipated to the chopping block in 2008 - cutting a total of 1,900 jobs.

The company had previously announced it would axe 3,000 jobs as part of an $800 million cost-cutting drive, but only 1,500 of the layoffs were initially planned for 2008.

Most of the cuts took place in the company's mobile devices unit, which Motorola is expected to spin off in 2009.

As a result of the layoffs, the company had to allocate an additional $25 million in severance and related charges in Q4, bringing the total to $60 million for the quarter and $189 million for the year.

The company is in litigation with BlackBerry-maker RIM over the hiring of former Motorola employees. Motorola and RIM have long had an agreement in place preventing the companies from poaching each others' employees, but RIM wants this agreement declared invalid.

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