Motorola cuts out pin

Google's Motorola Mobility has introduced a new physical device aimed at allowing smartphone users to skip entering their PINs while still keeping their handsets secured.
The company has announced Motorola Skip for Moto X, a thumb-sized clip that can be paired with a smartphone to allow it to unlock with a tap.
The Skip is designed to clip on to clothing including belt loops or shirt sleeves. Smartphone users can still access their devices with a four-digit PIN when their Skip is not nearby, Motorola Mobility said on its company blog.
Each device also includes three stickers that can be used to set up trusted zones for touchless access – for example, a user's work desk.
Motorola Mobility said the average smartphone user unlocks their device 39 times per day, and each PIN entry takes an average of 2.3 seconds per unlock. The hassle means that many people never bother securing their handsets, or use easy to enter but easy to guess PINs.
The USP of Motorola's recently-unveiled Moto X smartphones is an ease of customization. Online customers will be able to use the company's Moto Maker website to choose colors for the front, back and accent features of the device, as well as add engraving for free.